Official Accompanists

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Please note the following points regarding accompaniment:
  • Music may be photocopied from published originals FOR THE USE OF THE ADJUDICATOR ONLY. Photocopies for the adjudicator must be totally legible. All photocopies of music will be retained by Leicester MusicFest and destroyed. No other photocopying of music is permitted. It is forbidden for an accompanist to perform from a photocopy. Failure to provide a published edition of a competitor's music at the performance may result in disqualification.


  • Competitors requiring an accompanist are welcome to use one of our Official Accompanists, at a cost of £5 per class. Competitors may alternatively use their own choice of accompanist, in which case they are responsible for arranging this, and negotiating fees on a private basis.


  • If a rehearsal with an Official Accompanist is desired in advance of the competition, an enquiry must be made via the website not less than six weeks before the start of the Festival. Official Accompanists will endeavour to make themselves available for a rehearsal prior to the Festival, but this cannot be guaranteed. Fees for rehearsal should be negotiated with the Official Accompanist on a private basis.​


  • Having engaged an Official Accompanist, the competitor is obliged to use this service for the particular class. Failure to do so will not entitle the competitor to a refund of any fee paid.