Classical Guitar Award
We are looking for a promising,
young guitarist in need of a
good-quality instrument.

A unique opportunity to win a brand new classical concert guitar, made by renowned luther, and author of Making Master Guitars, Roy Courtnall. 





The recipient must be:

- Aged 26 or under on 14th February 2020

- Taking regular guitar lessons 

- Someone who would otherwise struggle to afford a good quality instrument

Candidates will be assessed by video audition and a means-tested application. Candidates may be asked to attend a further interview in person. 


Applications close on 1st December 2019

We hope that this award will

make a significant difference to a

talented young player. 


Click here to see our

2018 and 2019 winners.

Roy Courtnall, author of Making Master Guitars, and for many years Head of Guitar Making at the Newark School of Instrument Making, has been developing a new model of guitar, the Pericle, with the aim of making classical guitar more accessible to larger audiences. 

Due to the acoustic nature of the classical guitar, players are often limited to exclusive and intimate venues. The Pericle has been developed with considerably increased sound projection in mind. 
It retains the characteristics of a traditional instrument (which can often be compromised when amplified electronically) and is ideal for larger, 

modern concert venues. 

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Advanced Guitar Recital
£500 Bursary Prize (G5)
14th February 2020

A competition intended for advanced classical guitar students who are studying the guitar in higher education, or intending to pursue a career as a professional musician. Standard: Grade 8 and above.


Applicants for this competition must be aged 26 years or under on Friday 14th February 2020.


The winner of the competition Final will be awarded a £500 bursary to be spent on further musical study.

This competition (G5) will take place over three rounds: a video round (deadline for submission 1st December 2019), Semi-Final and Final (14th February 2020). 

To enter this competition, select the button below and tick 'G5' under the Guitar category.