Highlights of MusicFest 2017

'...the atmosphere of support, goodwill

and spontaneity was remarkable.' 

'The whole family loved it and we were still

buzzing with the experience all of Monday.'

We were delighted by the level of support for our inaugural Leicester MusicFest in March this year. Over 200 performers took part and attendees enjoyed an incredibly high standard of music-making across all ages and abilities. 

Piano, Pipe Organ & Singing Competitions
We were delighted to welcome amateur musicians of all ages and abilities who showcased their talents in our 20 competitions.

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trophy winners and medalists.

'We thought the atmosphere was great, and appreciated the positivity of the feedback and group comments which were very pertinent and helpful.'

Winners' Gala Concert & Song Recital

with Harriet Burns (soprano) & Ian Tindale (piano)

The winners of the competition trophies made up the first half of a spectacular Gala Concert. The second half saw two of our adjudicators take to the stage themselves, entrancing us with a beautiful programme of Lieder and English song.

'The Leicester MusicFest mantra 'Perform, Educate, Inspire' was certainly seen in evidence on Saturday evening. Musicians of all ages and abilities were seen and heard performing at the Winners' Gala concert in the wonderful concert venue.'

Vocal Masterclass with Harriet Burns

Professional soprano and teacher, Harriet Burns, worked in detail on individual performances with four singing students. A rapt audience watched as Harriet guided each performer through a variety of individually-tailored vocal techniques

and elements of stagecraft and communication.

'I really enjoyed the singing masterclass - it was very interesting to learn about the common struggles of singers'

Choral Conducting Masterclass

with Leicester University Chamber Choir
& Choral Specialist Helen Smee

Helen Smee ran a lively masterclass on choral conducting, from rehearsal to performance. Conducting students Alexander Boukikov, Gina Baker and Amalia Young received individual coaching as they conducted the choir through a varied selection of repertoire.

'What could be a greater challenge? Telling people what to do, whilst being told what to do!' - Helen Smee

Introduction to Harpsichord Playing 
with Ian Tindale 

Ian Tindale demonstrated aspects of early keyboard playing, including early keyboard technique, historical performance practice, ornamentation, and playing from figured bass. Participants then had an opportunity to try their hand on a fine two-manual harpsichord tuned to Equal Temperament, and a charming spinet tuned to 1/4 Comma Mean Tone

Under 14s Singing Workshop & Mini-Concert with

Willard WelsfordNew Leicester Youth Chorus

Over 40 children enjoyed a lively and challenging morning of singing. Starting with some energising warm-ups, the young singers explored a variety of songs and styles led by Willard Welsford, Music Director of New Leicester Youth Choir.  Will's inimitable style generated a lot of enthusiasm and giggles, as well as a fantastic concluding mini-concert, supported by participants friends and family. 

'The children’s concert was great,

my children and both their friends had a great time.'

Choral Concert with 

Leicester University Chamber Choir

MusicFest's Artistic Director, Roxanne Summerfield, led Leicester University Chamber Choir in an atmospheric programme, closing with a powerful rendition of Balfour Gardiner's Evening Hymn, with organist John Gull showing off the colours of the wonderful Peter Collins organ. 

'What a box of delights, so beautifully presented... 

immaculate tuning... I never heard a single voice standing out;

and the phrasing, all so beautifully sculpted.'