Competition Rules & Regulations 

1. The competitions are open to non-professionals only. For this purpose, professionals are defined as those who derive their main income from music performance or teaching.


2. In all classes competitors must state their name in full on the entry form. No entry is permissible under an assumed name.


3. The closing date for entries is 1st December 2019. Entries for each competition will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.


4. Leicester MusicFest reserves the right to cancel or combine classes, refuse any entry and to decide any matter not provided for in the rules. Leicester MusicFest is not obliged to refund fees under any circumstances except where a class is cancelled and cannot be merged with another class.


5. All competitors entering classes with an age restriction must not exceed the prescribed age limit on the first day of the Festival (14th February 2020). Leicester MusicFest reserves the right to request to view proof of age documentation.


6. The title and composer of all pieces to be performed must be stated accurately on the entry form. Failure to do so may invalidate the entry. A copy of your chosen piece(s) must be handed to the Adjudicator’s steward before the commencement of the class. No piece may be used in more than one class by the same competitor.


7. Competitors must enter the class(es) most appropriate to their grade, i.e. they should be able to perform to that standard, but must not yet have passed a grade higher than that specified.


8. Competitors’ chosen piece(s) must fall within the grade boundaries specified for each class entered, but need not appear on a current or previous examination syllabus (e.g. ABRSM), provided that they are of an equivalent standard. If there is uncertainty about the grade level of a certain piece, potential competitors should make an enquiry about the piece via the website, in advance of submitting their entry.


9. Leicester MusicFest reserves the right to refuse a chosen piece if it is deemed to fall outside of the specified grade boundaries. In this case, competitors will be informed promptly after submission of their entry form, and well before the competition date, and invited to substitute an appropriate piece. This will incur no further fee. However, if the competitor does not offer an appropriate substitute piece, Leicester MusicFest is under no obligation to refund the entry fee.


10. Time limits must be observed. Competitors exceeding the time limit may, at the Adjudicator’s discretion, have marks deducted or may be stopped and their performance judged to the point they have reached.


11. Repeats may be omitted at the discretion of the competitor, where this is deemed not to impede the music. D.S. and D.C. instructions should always be observed.


12. A minimum standard of Commended is necessary for the award of a Prize or Trophy. First and Second Prizes will be Certificates unless otherwise stated. No Prize or Certificate will be awarded unless a satisfactory standard is reached.

13. The Adjudicator’s decision is final and no subsequent correspondence or discussion will be entered into.


14. Photography, filming, video or sound recording is prohibited during any performance (except by the official Festival Photographer).


15. Music may be photocopied from published originals FOR THE USE OF THE ADJUDICATOR ONLY. Photocopies for the adjudicator must be totally legible. All photocopies of music will be retained by Leicester MusicFest and destroyed. No other photocopying of music is permitted. It is forbidden for an accompanist to perform from a photocopy. Failure to provide a published edition of a competitor's music at the performance may result in disqualification.


16. Competitors requiring an accompanist are welcome to use one of our Official Accompanists, at a cost of £4 per class. Competitors may alternatively use their own choice of accompanist, in which case they are responsible for arranging this, and negotiating fees on a private basis.


17. If a rehearsal with an Official Accompanist is desired in advance of the competition, an enquiry must be made via the website not less than six weeks before the start of the Festival. Official Accompanists will endeavour to make themselves available for a rehearsal prior to the Festival, but this cannot be guaranteed. Fees for rehearsal should be negotiated with the Official Accompanist on a private basis.


18. Copies of music for the Official Accompanist, must be sent to: Leicester MusicFest, 1 Eastwood Road, Leicester LE2 8DD. Copies must arrive by 16th January 2020 at the latest.


19. Having engaged an Official Accompanist, the competitor is obliged to use this service for the particular class. Failure to do so will not entitle the competitor to a refund of any fee paid.


20. Competitors are responsible for collecting their Mark Sheets, Certificates and sheet music at the end of each class.


21. Winners of Trophies will hold them for one year. They will be responsible for their care and safe custody and for their return to the MusicFest organisers before 1st February in the year following the Festival.


22. Competitors under the age of 16 years on the day of the competition must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for their care and safety at all times.


23. Competitors must arrive in good time for the beginning of their class, and must remain until the end of the adjudication of that class, unless they are required in another class concurrently. Competitors will be informed by email of exact class start times after all entries have been submitted by the 1st December 2019. This information will also be available on the website.