Free entry to
all concerts & 
workshops for 18s and under! 

This year's venue is:

English Martyrs'

Catholic School

Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th March 2017

About Us

Our aims:


  • To help young people access inspiring music-making and education.

  • To nurture emerging talent, and to provide a supportive atmosphere in which all musicians can enjoy performing.

  • To widen access to music by organising inspiring professional performances with free or subsidised tickets. 

  • To provide a performance platform for amateur musicians at all stages of their musical journey, particularly where performance opportunities are otherwise limited.

  • To foster a culture of musical discovery and co-operation by running a wide variety of events within a single festival.

  • To encourage sharing of ideas and resources, bringing together the local musical community.

Leicester MusicFest is run by a team of local professional musicians and teachers, all of whom are volunteers.  We are not yet a registered charity, and rely heavily upon the generosity of donors and patrons, without whose help this very worthwhile endeavour simply could not take place.  

If you would like to support the work of the Festival via donation or volunteering, please click here for details of how you can help.