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Forest Gamelan

Outdoor Music Classroom 

What is Forest Gamelan?

The name 'Forest Gamelan' is inspired by the Indonesian Gamelan, which is both a percussion orchestra and a style of music, where many players sit at an instrument each, combining simple timbres and rhythms to create complex pieces of music.

This year, we are piloting a scheme for an outdoor music classroom to be installed in a Leicestershire school. Comprising of; aluminium bells, xylophone and bass xylophone bars, bass and treble tubulums, drums and auxiliary percussion. See our plans here.

We plan to lead workshops and engage musicians to lead training sessions for classroom teachers to use and run classes on this equipment. 

Music, group music, and outdoor learning have all be extensively shown to benefit children, and the applications for the Forest Gamelan go beyond music.  Pipe lengths creating different sound waves is great for science, and music and outdoor learning have well researched benefits for SEN students, behaviour management, and hard-to-engage students.

If you would like to donate towards the costs involved in setting up this project or would simply like to find out more, visit the 'Support Us' page to donate or email:

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